Month: February 2021

Why Is It Important for Your Home to Have Roof Ventilation?

Tuesday, February 23rd
Roof ventilation is an integral part of your entire roofing system. For those of you who do not know, roof ventilation requires a flow of air to work. Air flow in an attic can be created in two ways, either mechanical, which needs a source of power, or natural, which is the preferred method. A… [ Read More ]

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

Tuesday, February 2nd
Snow and ice can be a major factor in roof damage. Here’s what to look for. Not only can rain and hailstorms damage roofs, but our Seattle area snow and ice can also cause some serious damage.  It would be to your advantage to keep an eye on all sections of your roofing system so… [ Read More ]

Advantages of a Professional Roof Inspection for Storm Damage

Tuesday, February 2nd
Let a professional take a close look at your roof after a major storm. Checking your roof regularly for damage is absolutely vital. However when storms cause damage this regular inspection may not be enough. It is best that you have a professional, such as Four Seasons Roofing, to assess how sound your roof structure… [ Read More ]